Something Squirrelly is Going On Here

Welcome back on D.A.I.D – or Day After Indulgence Day.  Days like Christmas, New Years, my birthday etc. are hard on those keeping tabs on their intake.  As a runner I have the unfortunate tick of translating every piece of food or drink consumed into corresponding miles it will take to compensate.  D.A.I.Ds come with a stark reality there is no way in hell I could ever break even from the day before… sigh.  To my credit I did make a small recovery into the damage with a midnight run which, if nothing else, does help to beat down the inner guilt.  The good news is I was able to crest over a running goal I had set, but we’ll cover that in an upcoming post.  Instead, I bring you another post from the Yellowstone National Park trip.

Uinta Ground Squirrel Shot in Yellowstone National Park May 2015

Isn’t it cute!  This little guy or girl made an effort to come out and greet us as we were enjoying a picnic in the park.  We were visiting the park with the Makutas back in May of 2013 (note, any comments from my brother regarding the fact this is the end of 2015 will be duly ignored hehehe).  I thought it would be fitting to stick with the squirrel theme seeing as how I covered another member of the Squirrel family in the last post (link here).

Uinta Ground Squirrel Shot in Yellowstone National Park May 2015

Hit the jump to see a few more pictures of this stocky Squirrel!

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