Hello…. my name is Brian….. and I am an observer….

Yes, for as long as I can remember, I have been enjoying all that wildlife has had to offer.  In particular, I have been very intrigued by animal behavior – what behavioral response means within the context of the situational inputs and deductive reasoning of the subjects involved.   Although the interactions of the parties involved  are quite interesting in themselves, I have mainly focused on my particular assessment of the situation.  What are my assumptions, what is my understanding of the inputs, and ultimately, what would be my higher echelon reaction given a similar circumstance?   This journal is an attempt to capture these thoughts and weigh them against alternatives. Are we that much more evolved than our earthen cohabitants, are there predictable patterns  we can extract through observation and are there secondary elements such as environment and interact that truly sway the course of wildlife or are there just agenda filled stances to influence the course of action or just make an individual feel differently.  With that said, one cannot overlook the absolute basic enjoyment that comes from simply witnessing a beautiful creature at home in the wild.  In fact, this particular blog is really more of an avenue to share the multitude of pictures taken on the many wildlife adventures my wife and I take on a regular basis.  I do have other blogs which explore deeper relationships of human to human and human to surroundings.  Those other blogs are feeders to this site – when I put a wildlife related post up on one of those other sites, I will replicate it here for those individuals that prefer to focus on wildlife related content and not be subjected to the various other topics my other blogs touch upon.

On a personal front, my wife (Linda) and I have been enjoying photography together for many years.  We do have our own cyber gallery at EddieSoft Photography (EddieSoft.smugmug.com) where most of the blog images viewed on this site originate.   Linda is an accomplished dog photographer and specializes more in the landscape arena which includes a special affinity for waterfalls.  I on the other hand tend to train my glass on the creatures great and small that call the wild their home.  You will notice if you spend any time on this site at all, I consider myself an avid birder slowly building a healthy number of birds on my North American Birding Life List.  To make it more challenging, an official count is only given if a photograph was obtained (with enough clarity to truly tell what species the bird is) and it has made its way onto my blog.  What is life without challenges!  Most times you will see me out with my 200-400 F4 Nikon glass (affectionately referred to as The Beast) on a D7000 or D810 Nikon body,  If you see me out in the field, fee free to stop by and introduce yourself.

We would also like to introduce the newest member to the Intrigued family – Brad Marks.  Brad and I were coworkers, colleagues, sounding board lead to a wonderful friendship  developed over our many years working at a fortune 50 company and has continued into our retirement.  Brad is also and avid wildlife/nature photographer and will be bringing us posts on his many adventures and wildlife experiences.  Brad also brings with him his own editor support staff (Jan and Allyson).  Welcome aboard Brad and support team.

Welcome to Wildlife Intrigued a tiny less edgy subsidiary of Life Intrigued … enjoy!

Note: All images on this blog unless otherwise noted are copyrighted to EddieSoft Photography and/or Brad Marks.  Inquiries on purchasing and permission to use are welcome and can be sent to EddiesoftPhotography[at]gmail.com.


Header image courtesy of Ron Doerfler