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Greetings everyone.  Feels like I’ve been exploring a third world country as of late thanks to not having connectivity for the last couple of days.  Amazing how accustomed you become to being able to check on the pulse of the country whenever you have the need to dampen your mood.  Today we made it back to civilization and now have some access – sure enough, disbelief soon followed.  Not sure when or even if I’ll weigh into the current state of affairs.  For now I’ll simply mention that big tech monopolies colluding to deplatform competitors is utter bullshit.  I’ve spent my career in the high tech world and this absolutely sickens me.  So, until I opt to delve into this deeper, let’s all brighten our hearts a bit by looking at a “purdy” bird.

White Ibis found at South Padre Island Bird Viewing and Nature Center December 2016

There, I can feel my concerns melting away for the moment – a general soothing, if you, will thanks to an innocent bird simply enjoying the calm marsh waters of South Padre Island.  Will get this cringe part over now… not exactly new, this series was taken on our Texas birding trip back in December 2016.  I know, I know, I promised more current material for the new year, but during our exploration mode the only material I have is what I’ve already processed and put into the holding queue.  All is good as I happen to really like this particular series of shots.

White Ibis found at South Padre Island Bird Viewing and Nature Center December 2016

Hit the jump to see a few more shots of our pink highlighted friend.

If there is any consolation, I can assure you this bird probably looks exactly the same now as it did back then.  That is if it was able to avoid all the Gators that roam the SPI Bird Viewing and Nature Center.  Of all the prehistoric reptiles we’ve stumbled across on our many trips, the size of the Alligators that patrol the marsh banks there are some of the largest we’ve ever experienced (link here).  Note, a quick check on DuckDuckGo was unable to confirm the average lifespan of a White Ibis.  Oldest recorded wild specimen was 16 years and some change which is waay older than my back queue so, beyond unnatural causes… it is likely still poking around in the mud.

White Ibis found at South Padre Island Bird Viewing and Nature Center December 2016

The adult Ibis is one of those birds that can be easily identified with just a few guides.  First of all, look for the snow white body with pink extensions (as in the legs and the bill).  That will knock out most of the similars with exception to maybe the Spoonbills, but we can take care of that with the remaining quick guide – the bill on the Ibis is long and downward curved where the Spoonbill has well, you can guess on what contrary style those have.  There you have it – two simple guideposts to spike your ID between.

White Ibis found at South Padre Island Bird Viewing and Nature Center December 2016

Now, Mother Nature always likes to throw a few curve balls to drive up profits for reference book publishers.  The birding community has long held suspicions there are kickbacks going on there – maybe CNN can actually do something useful and investigate that (god knows it is more informative than how many scoops of ice cream a president requests).   So, the sleight of hand on this species is the immatures start out sporting a brown neck/wings over a white breast This will morph into a mottled look in their first summer before being fully splended.   They also have a more orangie bill.

White Ibis found at South Padre Island Bird Viewing and Nature Center December 2016

White Ibises do have black tips to their wings.  Most of the time they are prowling around in the muck with the wings folded under so you may not get to witness it unless they launch.  My favorite feature of the Ibis has to be the light blue eye coloring.  Quite stunning and always brings a bit of joy when I see them reflecting light in the big glass.  All in all, one of the more unique shorebirds that are quite prevalent along the southeastern coastline and on around the Gulf Coast.  An interesting tidbit to pass along is the White Ibis was named by German ornithologist Johann Georg Wagler and according to Wikipedia, he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while “collecting”  specimens.  Assuredly poetic irony to the manner in which ornithologists carried out their research back in those days.  Fitting as well, the Ibis is associated with the Egyptian god Thoth the purveyor of wisdom and blogging (which they called “chiseling” back in those days).  We would know more about those days if the political class back then didn’t go about erasing history (obelisks) whenever the past didn’t fit their agenda.. hmmm, sounds familiar.  Good to see all those years studying ancient civilizations is finally paying off – history has a way of repeating itself if we choose not to stop and learn from it.

Take care everyone and continue to keep your distance as it’s going to take more time to get through this thing.


12 thoughts on “The Purveyor of Wisdom and Blogging”

    1. Yeah, I knew that would draw some eye rolls. The good news is the tin is filling up nicely and should have some good fodder to get through during the new year. Might just jump ahead to the new stuff and then simply throw the later stuff in from time to time.. not sure yet, but something I’m kicking around. Thanks for dropping in B.!

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      1. My policy is if you get something that’s exciting give it air time quickly. I guess how we differ is I tend to process my shots asap. I make it easier by deleting the poor ones at the time of shooting (think you call it chimping?). At the drags when I do burst shots I could end up with thousands to go through, so when there’s a break I clean the card of the crap.
        Different shooting butterflies, here it’s more relaxed and composed and I tend to make a lot less frames so have fewer rejects.

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  1. Hummmm… interesting, informative and always entertaining. I bet once you reached civilization you wanted to get back into your mode of transport and be beamed off the planet! BTW- I asked for that years ago and they denied my request.🤪 can’t wait to see what your current trip revealed, we can see those in 2023?😂

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    1. Do you think you need to call or a number or maybe send up a bat signal to let them know you are ready to beam up ?!?! It is amazing how much internet connectivity has become assumed – I still remember when we were tasked at work with understanding what this new thing called World Wide Web was all about and figuring out how to harness the potential – years later we walk around with it on our phones. We are still exploring and already have plenty of new blog material – can’t wait to see what we will find as we get closer to our final destination. Fingers crossed!! Oh and 2023.. are you crazy, that’s only like 2 years away, I have to get the pictures downloaded out of the travel drives, send them out to our filter service in India to remove the crap shots, get the good ones imported back in, prep the chemicals in the digital dark room, treat the hell out of them until they are slightly above average, hang them on clotheslines until the chemicals dry, upload to long term storage, copy the links down to wordpress and then get a thousand monkeys to pound on keyboards until something comes out worth reading…. phew, let’s go with maybe.. and I mean maybe 2025 – assuming the tech monopolies don’t cancel me by then hehehe.

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      1. Well, looks like you have a lots on your plate and management skills are key plus extra bananas to keep the monkeys working under your workshop conditions as you are flying around the country with the Miss. Not sure my cloud busting special powers have been able to signal my release.😂😂😂 safe travels and good wishes for finding cool and unusual birds.

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  2. Hmmmm… I was reading your opening paragraph but when it got to the part about “big tech monopolies” all the text got scrambled to Chinese looking characters and a warning about “seditious content removed” popped up and I couldn’t read anything else except the photo of the Ibis. Must have been a good one! Lol

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    1. Thanks Belinda! I really liked how these turned out – trying some darker treatments on my brighter birds. Sorry for the delayed response, your comment ended up in my spam folder and absolutely no reason why – fixed now so hoping that doesn’t happen again.

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  3. Dammit, those big brother tech monopolies are on to me… what to do, what to do. Luckily I am well versed in their evil IT ways from 31 years in the biz as well as my wife who was a network/cyber security expert (30 yrs) – If you don’t hear from me for a while, don’t worry, we’re just cleaning our digital tracks hehehe.
    At least the images made it through! Tnanks for coming by William.


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