Shooting Behavior – Eagle Perspectives Part 3

Well, the extended roadtrip has officially come to the end. We arrived back home to snow on the ground and temperatures our bodies downright reject. To the best of my ability I’ll be covering the sites and sights in the coming months (possibly years ha). The image hopper is officially overflowing due to more than a terabyte of content we managed to bring back with us. Admittedly the shot total was inflated this trip due to my retirement gift to myself – finally gave in and purchased a new camera body. Every photography becomes one with their gear over the years, their babies if you will. Every setting that needed to be changed could be done by muscle memory without ever taking my eye off the subject. Each button, dial, menu setting custom configured to rapidly transition to different scenarios in the field. Similarity to the current body was a key determiner for the replacement – as to be expected there were a few differences and anomalies that have to be familiarized with over time. Missed a lot of shots this trip that irked me every time and for those I dive have time to experiment, the shot count increased tremendously. Fingers crossed we’ll find something in the digital darkroom worth sharing. Question is… how long will it take to get this comfortable with the new rig…

American Bald Eagle found in Bettendorf, IA, in January 2017

There has been a heavy focus on our national bird this month. Two posts previous and now today’s feature as well. This third and final part of the American Bald Eagle perspectives analysis completes the progression from the traditional shots that have overfilled my digital darkroom to the more interesting angles that has now become the quest in our Eagle outings.

American Bald Eagle found in Davenport, IA, in January 2017

Hit the jump to see a few more interesting perspectives of our majestic bird.

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