A Case of the Blues in the Ill

The hysteria continues to thrive around us. Shelves laid bare in the paper aisle, shopping carts full of anything that has the word antibacterial on it and to top it off we have people that aren’t even accountable for the outcome pontificating on TV about how they would solve the crisis – comical in the instances where they were in charge and didn’t do jack. Regardless, since my last post they have closed down all our state parks, banned eating in restaurants and shuttered bars. Wait, this just in, CDC is discouraging any gathering over 50 people. So, now not only are my official races canceled I can’t even continue with my training runs in the safety of Jubilee State Park. Hell, I can’t even bird in my favorite park which means I have no way to keep the internal crazies at bay.

Eastern Bluebird found at Jubilee State Park June 2017

Hit the jump to see a few more shots of the Blues.

Ahhhhhh, now I feel better. Nothing like a cute picture of an Eastern Bluebird. I can already feel the calming effects…. ugh, one second, let me turn off the TV, it keeps interjecting on my serenity. There, all is better now. Active Easterns, along with the Robins are our cues that spring is just around the corner. I saw my first pair of the year last Saturday morning thanks to a rumble going on in my backyard. Decided to check into the chatter to find the Eastern male duking it out with a 4 Sparrows for our unclaimed birdhouse. Clearly wanted the Bluebird to win out, but I was too groggy to tip the battle in its favor and opted to hit the shower – will take care of that later.

Eastern Bluebird found at Jubilee State Park June 2017

Before you get the wrong impression, this series was not from the morning’s encounter. Actually they were captures around the same time as the previous post – June 2017 and also at the now closed Jubilee State Park. I was hanging out in a rather isolated part of the park’s campground. It is rare to call a sure thing when it comes to birds, but if you need an Eastern Bluebird and you have access to this park – it is pretty much a sure thing these days. In fact, I’ve been watching an Eastern Bluebird pair there for several years now. Not positive they are the same pair each year, but there’s always at least one pair laying claim to the multiple bird condos available there.

Eastern Bluebird found at Jubilee State Park June 2017

In fact, I’ve already made posts about a few of those encounters – there’s 2015 (link here) and 2016 (link here). Give me a couple of years and I’ll fill in the gaps between 2017 and now (hehehe). A local bird enthusiast has been dedicated to increasing the population of the Bluebirds in our area. He has been building, placing and tracking the progress in a number of our parks. My apologies, but I was unable to locate his actual name. If I find it I’ll update the post – always for giving credit where it is due – especially for such a noble effort. I do not have factual data to back this up, but anecdotally there does seem to be an increase in Bluebird activity – in fact, last week was the first pair I’ve had on the lot – been kicking myself ever since for not taking action when I saw them – I need to get more sleep.

Eastern Bluebird found at Jubilee State Park June 2017

Would love to have a resident Bluebird family if for no other reason than the reign of terror they hold over the creepy crawlies. If it crawls, flutters or hops it will end up being a munchie for these skilled hunters. The crawly here was doing its best to resist… futile, but you have to like its spunk.

There was a huge surprise while I was preparing for this post. Checking over the shots, noticed this specimen in the bunch. This one had me stumped at first.

Eastern Bluebird found at Jubilee State Park June 2017

Spotted breast, blue highlights on the wings, grey tones with what looks to be a white speckled back. To the reference library – not a lot of luck checking on the more common options. Next up the “Big I”. A few quick queries and the hunch was proven. A juvenile Eastern Bluebird! A new experience for me… and apparently Ron as he was originally stumped at the ID as well. All these years of observing and never witnessed the reason for the insect slaughter. Obviously cute birds have cute offspring.

Need to call it a post there as my injured calves need a rolling. Hope you enjoyed today’s touch of blue.

Stay sane everyone!

10 thoughts on “A Case of the Blues in the Ill”

  1. Love blue birds!!! Ahhh… they do make you feel like Spring is here. I would have been enjoying them in a few weeks in MN, but as you might guess I am stuck here in Europe. The State Dept small print said that they were testing everyone coming into the country and then most likely 14 day quarantine with movement restrictions. Had the government tell me what to do for long enough that I wasn’t going to voluntarily participate in that madness!!! If you want a good laugh head to The UK Brian site and see what I posted in his comments. Got to laugh in times like these. Sucks about the State Parks. When will it be lifted (date)?

    Look for an actual blog from me this week. I have been bogged down here and angry so decided to stop with it for a time. Maybe a Hummmm… to start as there is plenty of material in these crazy days.
    TP for all and All for TP!😂

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    1. Saw the comments on B’s site and laughed. I think a Hmm would be an excellent way to shed the blues – guessing if you would have camped out at the TP aisle you would have a lot of fodder for that post these days – guessing our UK friend has some stories to tell from his retail experiences. Hang in there, this has to start subsiding sometime… I hope. Thanks for dropping in.. maybe I can find some more Bluebirds to feature.

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      1. Awesome that I made you laugh! Our UK friend most likely has seen the underbelly of human behavior recently as anyone who works in retail. They are working faster than cats covering crap here to get products on the shelves and just as fast it disappears although it seems to have slowed a bit due to our PM scolding the entire country for hoarding.

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  2. Now that’s a pretty smart bird. The juv has the same characteristics to our Eurasian Robin with the speckled breast, with the Robin it’s to stop them being attacked by adults (Robins are vicious and will splatter anything with red on it).
    Guess with everything shutdown you’ll be getting the garden in shape or hit the ‘jobs to to do list’. Might be worth knocking up a fall out shelter 🤔🙄

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    1. I had no idea that your Robins were so mean – will have to look up whether our variety holds this same animosity to their offspring – always considered them the gentle species compared to say the Blue Jays which are on my top 5 hated birds list… and that is saying something as kind of consider myself a birder. My to-do list is huge ever since Linda retired. She has all sorts of ideas as of late – fortunately, for me my company is still grinding away as usual – the advantage io being in the IT profession as we can work from home as easily as in the office. Will be interesting to see if the factory side of our business can keep building iron … noticed today the big auto-makers are shutting their plants down. We have the same union so this will get interesting. I do like the fall out shelter idea…. can at least hoard my TP there and guard it with my arsenal (shhhh, don’t tell anyone ha). Can’t imagine what life in your retail job is at the moment – recommend staying away from the paper aisle. Feel bad for your Lemming (if I’m allowed to use that term). Sounds like she has a case of bad timing. Keep your head up and thanks for dropping in.

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      1. Started working extra hours this week but as soon as you put stock out it’s gone the shelves are empty of most things now and it’s getting worse by the day! I am really hating people at the moment they still keep asking why we have none of this or that yet buy more than they need of anything we have left. Oh we have Easter eggs! Mountains of good healthy chocolate that will keep you going in an emergency but nobody’s buying them yet. Nothing in the paper isle so we filled it full of chocolate eggs.
        Yep Lemming is in for a rough ride but says they have food there and people are being sensible and not hoarding, also seems their employers are going to pay them a little each week whilst the cafe/bars are closed under government order.

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    1. Hey, I that sounds like an excellent idea. For a nominal fee be able to bird our woods. Wait … wait.. how about “Horror Birding” For a nominal fee (of course) we can guide you through the woods and provide a shockingly good time. Might even find some very rare talking Ravens which are sure to be a plus one on everyone’s birding list. Genius, pure genius. Tomorrow I’ll start pulling decs back off the shelves and setting up – no bathrooms though, can’t afford to waste the TP hehehehe. Good to see you back Brad!


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