Good to be the King

It appears this may be an apex week for the virus in the States. Based on the numbers I am seeing there appears to be some nuance of stabilization in the hospital numbers which seems right as I am pretty convinced the models that are being applied are way over estimated. I’ll spare you my soapbox regarding social distancing in urban cities equating to invasion of personal space for those of us naturally separated by 10’s of acres out in the country. Instead, I’ll continue to build my birding confidence back with another fairly easily identified feathered friend.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet found at Chain O' Lakes State Park, Spring Grove, IL in April 2017

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Tally Up Another Kinglet

Having spent the entire day power washing the house – probably the best to-do task you can ask for on a wicked humid day.  In the flip side, I can safely say I’m totally exhausted.  There is something to be said from a total body workout trying to hold rains over a firehose hell bent on ripping your skin off.  I chose that over going for a run today to appease Linda who hasn’t let the incident go yet.  We’ll make up that long run early tomorrow morning, but for now let’s take care of a little bird business.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Shot At Allerton Park in Monticello IL

That my friends is a new check in my Birding Life List.  It was shot while birding with my brother Ron at Allerton Park earlier in the year.  This one actually had me stumped.  I was looking at all the Warblers and even the Vireos trying to identify a yellow bird with a nice white eye ring.  No luck with those attempts so opted for some help!  That assist came from Ron who was able to identify this bird – still not exactly sure how he did it, but his suggestion of a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet seems to match with all the described characteristics.  That is with the exception of the actual ruby crown.  The next shot kinda gives a little hint of on in the sun if you look close and let your imagination run a bit.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Shot At Allerton Park in Monticello IL

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