Out Foxed

Today’s post is a bit of a deja-vu for Linda and I. If you recall, back in March of this year I recounted an encounter with a Red Fox (link here). That observation involved pulling into the parking lot of the Red Rocks Ampitheatre. Soon after getting the gear out of the car, a human acclimated fox strolled across the parking lot in front of us – dismissing the myth that wildlife photographers risk life and limb to hone their craft (well, at least not ALL the time hehehe). Well guess what…

Fox shot at Grand Portage, MN at Grand Portage State Park July 2017

This exact same scenario played out on our recent trip to Minnesota back in July (yes, this year and yes, I know a post that recent is pretty rare around here). Eventually, we made our way to Grand Portage MN to let Linda shoot another waterfall. It was overcast with only a slight drizzle which actually works in Linda’s waterfall silk favor – not so much for my wildlife shots so wasn’t expecting to get much in the tin. That all changed the minute we stepped out of the RV. As if on command, this Red Fox came strolling out next to the far end of the parking lot. “Well how do you do my little friend?”

Fox shot at Grand Portage, MN at Grand Portage State Park July 2017

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A Sly Red at Red Rocks

Apparently just changing whether it was a +1 or not is not sufficient to officially characterize my last post as bringing you something “different” – as in something other than a bird post. I base this on the number of emails that showed up from my loyal readers essentially stating changing whether it was a +1 or not “is not something different”. I can take a subtle hint (okay, maybe it wasn’t that subtle). As a form of appeasement, I officially bring you something that isn’t related to a bird. Instead, today’s feature is likely something that would EAT a bird given the opportunity.
Decided to do a quick check and sure enough, Foxes do eat birds so we can dispense with the likely. I must admit, that my bird knowledge far outweighs my Fox expertise. To the best of my knowledge bolstered by a healthy dose of Google searches, this specimen is a Red Fox. I was also able to find a few shots on the web that had the dark leg markings. That feature was confusing me a bit since our local Foxes do not seem to display that amount of darkness. The other interesting feature can be seen in the hindquarters.

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