It’s a Happy Birthday Elk!

Greetings all on this last day of September! For the counters out there, you were probably getting worried that my production this month was coming up a bit short on my self-imposed quota. No worries, as you can see.. that deficiency has officially been addressed. Truth is this month is an annual test of how much sleep one truly needs to be able to function. In my case that is staggeringly low. Running definitely takes time off the top, but the rest is being consumed by work on the Haunted Trail of Tears. Somehow I forget how much work it is to put this on every year… a true labor of love. Today also happens to be the one year anniversary of my Father’s passing. One of the saddest days in my life and still a big hole in my heart that will never be filled. Um to that Yang, it is Ron’s birthday and nothing says Happy Birthday like an Elk.

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

It isn’t very often that you get to have an Elk from the Rocky Mountains give you a birthday greeting. By the way, that is your gift this year hehehe.

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

Hit the jump to see a few more shots of the Wapiti.

Actually, this bull was taken back in May 2014 while on a pass through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Yep, back a few years ago – the good times when we weren’t being forced to cower in our homes and behind a mask. I was actually out there to get a bird, the Ptarmigan, that hangs out above 10,000 feet. The Alpine Ridge Trail area near the visitor center seemed like a perfect place to get that checked off – so I thought. Three visits now and I’ve struck out every time. The good news is you can always find Elk out there to fill up your digital cards.

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

Sometimes they come right out on the road to greet you. However, most of the time they just hang out in the fields and go about their business. Grazing on grass and discussing the latest developments in running gear and antler-care so they can look their best as they shed their winter weight and coats.

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

… so they can catch the eye of a lucky lady…

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

This particular female was busy checking out the eligible bulls from atop a nearby ridge. I’m pretty sure she was checking out who had the best looking running shoes (and we all know it’s all about the shoes hehehe).

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

Well, I need to get back to the grind of getting the trail ready. Just wanted to put a few shots out there for you to enjoy before we head into October. Hopefully things will have settled down by then. Although not exactly sure that will be the case as the political season is kicking into high gear which means we are going to hear a lot of people doing this…

Elk spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in May 2014

… talking out their ass. Take it easy everyone.. ooops, almost forgot to mention it is Linda’s birthday on Thursday – maybe I can get a and special guest to wish her a happy birthday too, especially since I haven’t had a chance to get her anything yet hehehe.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Happy Birthday Elk!”

  1. Hummm I would rather look at elk butts than hear political butts talking crap! Happy Birthday Ron! Happy Birthday Linda! B- get to work on that Halloween thing you do and quit making excuses for your low production rates! Really? There are 24 hours in a day and sleep is highly over rated. LOL Take care there in IL!

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    1. Okay, you got me – clearly been wasting time with that whole sleep thingy. Last couple of nights you would be proud of me as I pretty much used up every one of those hours trying to get everything built on the trail. Looks like I might be in track for once this year (it’s a Festivus miracle). Now I just need get get the weather gods to cooperate. By the way, my internet is finally fixed (yeah!), but for some reason I am not getting notifications of new posts on blogs I follow – got a bit behind on your site and will definitely get that caught up as soon as the big event is over. Thanks for dropping by CJ.


  2. Happy birthday Ron (perhaps a course on blog writing would be a nice gift?) Happy birthday Mrs B (make sure he treats you good or give him a slap , like I get!).
    I managed to see ptarmigan on the top of the second highest mountain in Scotland many years ago, nowhere near 10,000ft we don’t have bumps that big in the UK. You must be a busy boy B, not seen you pop over to my spot for awhile, take it easy beware ‘burnout’.

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    1. YES, that is an excellent idea – a gift of a blog post for us on your birthday Ron, nudge, nudge, hint, hint. I promised her I would make it up to her after the event… then ducked quickly ha. Jealous you got the Ptarmigan – one of these days I’ll get it in the tin. I’m definitely busy, but the main problem, as I mentioned to CJ above, is I am not getting notifications of new posts – as soon as I saw your comment I jumped over to your site and realized I was definitely behind. Good to see you found some time to update us on all the happenings at the new homestead.. and taking the time to drop in on my corner. Take care B!

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  3. Hey, thanks to everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday!! I appreciate that.

    I did not receive a gift of a course on blog writing, unfortunately. So nothing has happened on my blog, and it’s not my fault. 🙂 But I’ll get writing again soon–I’ve been way too busy to think (or to comment here) for the last four months as I spent my free time preparing my house for sale, which was a nightmare.

    Thanks again to CJ and Brian and Brian for the birthday wishes!



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