Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all my friends across the blogsphere! Was waiting all day for Linda to get the shots taken and worked up in the darkroom. Raven (black) and Benji (white) may look cute to the untrained eye, but these two become little demons when you are trying to get them set for a portrait. Now that Santa has come they know we are unable to hold that over them – last I looked Raven was chewing up the year’s naughty list ha!

Raven and Eddie - Christmas 2019

Linda and I along with the boys hope your individual celebrations were joyous and filled with family, good friends and scrumptious food. It has been an interesting year around the headquarters of Intrigued to say the least. Good times, healing times and unfortunately a time of loss that can now only be filled by our heartfelt memories. As we look to what Christmas future brings we can be thankful for those that helped us through Christmas past and those that we lean on in Christmas present.

Raven and Eddie - Christmas 2019

To all those readers of my muses here and to all those that enlighten, educate and entertain me with your own writings – may your holidays be bright and your thoughts be happy.

Raven and Eddie - Christmas 2019

In case I don’t get back here in time, Happy New Year. Take care and be safe in your travels!

… The Doerflers


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All”

  1. I would say you are very committed to your blog, two in 24/hrs, on a holiday. Wow! I think you should taken these cuddly guys along with you shopping. Either to distract those crazy shoppers long enough to sneak closer in line or to attack and grab what you needed. 😂

    I was rewarded an invite to watch my son’s untrained Great Dane in Georgia for an entire month!!! So, I am guessing adventures in GA will be the theme for me the first part of the year. I hope that the economic success has fallen upon my son so that he has money to get his dog trained and have a “real” bed for his Mom in GA. If not…well my blog could take on a different darker tone.
    Happy New Year to you and Linda and those cute guys.

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    1. I was beginning to worry about my 6 post monthly quota and decided I better get that taken care of before the New Year got too close. Then Linda got the the dogs corralled sooner than expected so all was good! Good idea about taking the boys along although they have a habit of waiting until we turn our backs and then running off for the toy aisle – telling ya’ these two are quite the schemers.

      Sounds like you will get to spend some quality time birding Georgia – if you are in the area, Harris Neck is a nice place to visit although watch your step, those rocks might just be Alligators. As far as a Great Danes goes, I tend to get a little uneasy when a dog can look me in the eyes (thus only the toy sizes for us). Best wishes for the upcoming year and looking forward to reading more about your amazing adventures!

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  2. Well, Merry Christmas to you and Linda and CJ and Brian in the UK (plus Raven and Benji)! I’m so, so, so far behind in my blog reading, as you know since I keep promising to catch up. But the holidays are here and I’m happily going through your posts in reverse order now, as well as CJs and Brian H’s blogs. It’s conceivable that a post might appear on my blog as well, a Christmas miracle.

    I’m keeping my New Year’s resolution pretty close to my chest, but it does concern closing some portion of a certain gap in a certain numbering system related to a certain class of flying animal. But that’s all I’m saying.


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    1. Talk about an avalanche of comments!!!! Merry Christmas to you as well. Hmmm, this resolution sounds intriguing… sounds like someone may have made a tactical error. Honey, any chance we can fit a trip to California in this winter!?!


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