Happy Hauntings!

It’s that time of the year…

Halloween 2019

Yep, my favorite time of the year. What evils shall lurk in the darkest hours? Witches and warlocks, black cats and things that are left unnamed. Perhaps, even the Galloping Hessian of the Hollow in search of Ichabob Crane!

Halloween 2019

Whatever scares come your way, may your heart be strong and your feet be fast for nightmares await the one unfortunate to be last.

Hit the jump to see a few more pictures in celebration of the Day of the Dead – if you dare {evil laugh}

I have not had time to get the full walkthrough of our Haunted Trail of Tears done for 2019. This year was the most extravagant to date so chronicling it all is going to take some time. My friend Paul who helps put the trail together made a video showing some of different scenes from the trail – check it out here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGQlBwyS3nM Rather than wait until I finished up the shots from the full tour, decided to give a quick preview of one of the new props I put together. Picked up a life-size zombie horse at a good price after last year’s Halloween season. Over the year, built a custom Posey (link here and here) for it, picked up the closest outfit I could find, completed it with a trip to Salvation Army for pants and shoes, added some skeleton hands that I had laying around (yes, this is common in our house), made and painted up the foam chest plate and neck and then built the stand for the “flaming head”.

Halloween 2019

Was a bit worried about the 3+’ foot high flames making the prop a little too real (read as catching the whole thing on fire), so backed the hand off a bit but still at an angle that would look like the horseman was holding the flaming head to throw at Crane. The horse itself would light up its eyes and make eerie horse noise whenever someone broke Ron and I’s custom infrared heat sensors (at horse’s foot). Turned out awesome although the pictures do not capture just how real it looked in the dead of night. Stay tuned for the trail posts, there were a number of new adds for this year’s haunt.

It isn’t a Halloween Trail at Intrigued until there are TWO flaming pumpkins. Always fun to take pictures of the flames and play Rorschach too see what kind of dark mind lurks within. Here are few that caught my eye as I was quickly going through the shots. What do you see?

Halloween 2019

Perhaps a Headless Horseman (how ironic, this time it’s the pumpkin carrying the horse and rider)

Halloween 2019

Spooky hooded ghost!?! – BOO! Sorry, probably shouldn’t scare you like that.. how about something in the less scary …

Halloween 2019

Just a happy bunny rabbit.. that happens to be on FIRE eeeeeeeeeeek!

Time to go carve up a pumpkin….Spook ya’ later!


3 thoughts on “Happy Hauntings!”

  1. Ok. You win! My really cool carved witch pumpkin doesn’t stand a chance to all that! 3’ flames are always impressive! I just wonder how many times you have burnt your eye brows off setting this display up over the years?

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    1. As Linda puts it, it isn’t a party until something is has flames flowing out of it! I must say, the first time we did this, there was a lot of apprehension not knowing what it was going to do or how well it was going to behave. Turns out Kerosene is extremely manageable fuel. These days it is pretty routine, however, we do have to keep an eye on the kids – something about fire makes their judgement impaired. Thanks for dropping in and by the way – if I see zombies on the side of the road, I will hit the accelerator!

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