Exhausted by a Tiny Bird

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday (for those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving that is – keep forgetting my readership spans the globe). Linda and I had a very nice T-Day dinner followed up with night and day activities feeding Black Friday frenzy – now even starting as early as Thursdays. Admittedly, for the most part, a lot of holiday shopping is done online these days. Hard to pass up a completely hassle free shopping experience for the exact same cost point. There was a time constraint this year as we’re holding my side’s Christmas in a few days. We couldn’t wait for the delivery and there were a few in store sales worth braving the cold and hectic morning. Then there’s today where we do head out to help our local small businessmen and businesswomen. I mainly mention this because we are home now and basically exhausted which is good news for you since wind down for me generally involves blogging! Been hitting the Halloween posts on my other blog this month, so opted for this today.

American Redstart shot in Minnesota on Lake Superior in July 2017

The American Redstart is one of the more colorful birds available to us in the US. Although they winter in South America, they can be found in the contiguous states with the exception of the far western states either during migration months or summer residence – that according to Cornell. Other references are a bit more restrictive on their region. One place I know they are abundant is Northern Minnesota along the Lake Superior coastline.

American Redstart shot in Minnesota on Lake Superior in July 2017

Hit the jump to see a couple more pictures of this colorful bird from our Minnesota trip

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