As the World Terns

I must be going bird crazy.  Not only did I break all protocols with the last post, but here I am doing it AGAIN!  As with the last post, this one also comes from a shoot only a couple of weeks old – the developer solution is still drying on these shots.  Today’s featured bird seemed like a logical bookend to the recently presented Black Tern.

Caspian Tern shot at Independence Grove in Libertyville IL

Yep folks, that is another Tern I get to add to my Birding Life List.  Specifically, this is the Caspian variety.  Pretty sure there’s a set of these in the tin from North Carolina, but these particular shots came from two other locations.  The first time I encountered them (other than NC) was at Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge in Havana IL.  That place has been very very good to me producing +1 after +1 almost every time we make the trek down there.  Truthfully, the first time they were shot was a bit of an accident.  I had taken a number of frames of a Gull while there because quite frankly.. I shoot anything that is moving (always remember the golden rule).

Caspian Tern shot at Independence Grove in Libertyville IL

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