Sometimes It’s What You Can’t See

Hello everybody! Today happens to be one of those times when a common quandary becomes crystal clear – at least for the immediate post. If you happen to carry large glass into the field, I am sure you’ve been questioned as to whether you are a birder or a photographer. I’ve noted in the past my feelings toward that inquiry and will not belabor that point for the sanity of my readers. Doubt aside, the answer to that question for this particular series is — I’m a birder. Has there been enlightenment, an epiphany or some form of life clarity that has put everything into perspective? Nope – very simply, these pictures basically suck hehehe. No way around it, soft, cluttered, difficult to discern, boring … pick your negative critique of choice, they are there in all their dark glory. Why bother subjecting you to such poor images? The answer is – it actually fits the narrative (oh, and it makes my other images look that much better ha).

Brown Creeper found on lot in Brimfield, IL in November 2020

Today’s featured feathered friend is a bit of a creep:

“I wish I was special

But I’m a creep

I’m a weirdo

What the hell am I doing here?

I don’t belong here.”

Figured I would go ahead and provide you the lyrics because if you were around the alt scene in the early 90’s I guarantee you started singing that song as soon as you saw that word – complete with adult words.

But I’m not talking about Yorke’s drunk trying to get the attention of a woman.. in this case I’m referring to the stealthy little forest bird called the Brown Creeper.

Hit the jump see some more truly craptastic shots of our stealthy friend.

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A Creep in the Woods

Time for the creeps to make their presence known here at LifeIntrigued!  No, I am not continuing the Halloween theme featured on the previous many posts.  Nope, today we are featuring the creep of the birding world.

Brown Creeper Shot our our Colorado trip 2015

That, my non-birding friends, is a fine specimen of the Brown Creeper.  This is pretty much a Winter bird here in the Midwest but more of a year round resident in the West.  Luckily, Linda and I were on our vacation to Colorado when I spotted this Creeper.  All in all the birding up to that point on the trip was .. how should I put .. let’s go with pathetic.  I could not find anything on numerous stops up to this point.  In fact, this discovery didn’t really happen until we were almost back to the car from a medium out and back hike.

Brown Creeper Shot our our Colorado trip 2015

Hit the jump to read and see more of this distinctive bird.

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