In Memory of Chuck Barton

Chuck Barton

Some sad news here at Intrigued. I had mentioned previously we were informed of serious health issues Linda’s brother was going through. With a heavy heart Charles (Chuck) Barton was laid to rest in Blue Grass, IA yesterday at age 76.

Please hit the jump for more background on Linda’s oldest brother.

There is a 20 year gap between Linda and her oldest brother (19 between her other brother Don). In essence, Linda and I are the “babies” of our families as the difference between my two older brothers is 9 and 10. Linda and I met at our place of employment soon after leaving our respective colleges. I remember to this day the first time I was introduced to her family. When we arrived at her parent’s house, there were Chuck and Don waiting on the couch to make sure I was good enough for their little sister. Quite intimidating as the Iowa corn grows them big over there – Linda is close to 6′ and her brothers towered over her – add into the mix Chuck, at the time and later her other brother, was a member of the Sheriff’s Dept. Tall and carried handcuffs and a gun for a living. I must have done something right as they accepted me into the family and always make me feel welcome whenever we get together.

Sgt Fluffy as his fellow worker’s referred to him as (never me, of course, did I mention he carried a gun) gave 40 years of service to Scott County, many as sergeant in their civil department. His son mentioned in this role he never had to wear the standard uniform, but did have an incredible collection of over 100 ties, many on display during his ceremony. He was an avid photographer of local professional sports, crime scenes, stock car races and nature/wildlife. A definite area where we bonded as he would always be eager to show me his latest snaps or new gear. He was always willing to lend a hand, quick with a joke, well crafted (often crude) pranks and never let any ambiguity exist on where he stood on the latest political landscape or news of the day – qualities I always admired in Chuck. He always wore a smile and it never took long before you were laughing right along with him.

He leaves behind his wife Cathy of 50 years, 5 children (Joyce, David, Judy, Cindi and Bobbi), 6 grandchildren (Austin, Hunter, Sydney, Owen, Charlotte and Finley), his brother Don and his sister “Sam” which I was quickly made aware was Linda’s “ordained” named by Chuck who wanted another brother and wasn’t pleased with what arrived from the hospital. He carried the alternative masculine nicknames for his own daughters as well – new guests to the family outings need a guide to whose-who or confusion sets in quick. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his beloved Shih Tzu name Cujo. With the help of his SGT Fluffy nickname and his constant furry companion at his side that first intimidating impression with him on the family couch awaiting my first arrival were replaced with the real truth, a kind individual with a heart bigger than his stature and an unselfish abundance of humor. I will truly miss him.

With deepest sympathies to Linda, her brother, his family and friends left behind, take solace in the memories of what time we did have with Chuck or should I now say, Sergeant Fluffy.

26 thoughts on “In Memory of Chuck Barton”

  1. Goodness. I am sorry for the loss. Since Aug. 25, my dad passed away, Ken (my significant other) lost his best friend to suicide six days ago and my step-sister just lost her father, yesterday (my dad married her mom). So many leaving…

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    1. I’m so sorry Vic – life is coming at you hard and can’t imagine all the things you are having to deal with at the same time. Are thoughts are with you and stay strong.


    1. Appreciate it Timothy. When we lost my mother earlier in the year, we had 6 weeks to get ourselves as prepared as one could be with the inevitable outcome. Although there were subtle signs with her brother, the decline was quite rapid and the abruptness of the end was quite jarring for Linda and the rest of the family. Really brings life and the relatively short time we have into focus.

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    1. Thank you for the support Kaya. Chuck was larger than life and taken well before his time which made this loss very hard on the family. Linda is pulling through with the amazing outpouring of kindness.


    1. Thank you CJ – I really struggled to get my thoughts into words – in the situation with my mother earlier in the year we had time to come to terms with the outcome – in Chuck’s case, it came so quickly the family was left pretty shocked. We’ll cherish the memories going forward.

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  2. You’ve written a wonderful and heartfelt remembrance, and I know your recollections are invaluable to Sgt. Fluffy’s family. My heart goes out to you and to Linda – take the time to rest and recover together.

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    1. Thank you Sam, we really appreciate the kind thoughts. Life coming at us fast as of late, we’ll be heeding your advice and try to relax a bit and recharge the batteries. Thankfully, Brad has been stepping in to give us some relief on the post front and he already has a few in the queue for this month which will take a lot of pressure off and still give my readers plenty of great content while I let up on the accelerator. Take care Sam.

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    1. Appreciate the thought SoyBend. Chuck was definitely one of a kind and larger than life as they say. Will miss his ability to bring out a good laugh and willingness to help me out with any questions I might have with photography and cars.

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    1. Thank you Tanja, we appreciate the kind words. Will be a tough hole to mend, but at least we have the memories to fall back on – especially when we need a good laugh to pick us up as he was a master jokester.

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      1. My thank you to everyone for your condolences is long over due. It took me awhile before I could bring myself to read this wonderful tribute Brian put together. They definitely broke the mold when they made Chuck! He used to always torment my poor mother telling people he was a year old than his parents were actually married. He definitely kept us laughing. Thank you Brian for this beautiful tribute.

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