Happy Easter

It has been a while since I’ve had the chance to get back to the blog, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. It also gives me a chance to post my favorite bunny pictures.

Hare found at Henderson Bird Viewing Center in August 2013

Hit the jump for an update and another blast of bunny cuteness.

As you can probably tell from the dust still collecting on this site, we are still dealing with the situation alluded to in the previous post. There are always surprises as we “get through this thing called life”. Apologies as the site remains on indefinite hold, but don’t “let the elevator bring us down”. Best wishes for a wonderful Bunny Day and blessings to you and your families.

Hare found at Henderson Bird Viewing Center in August 2013

In case these mega-ears are making you “go crazy”, these are actually Jackrabbits. Ironically, they are not technically Rabbits, rather Hares. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are really named Jeff and not Jack at this point ha!

19 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

    1. Now that is an excellent observation – dead on bird shots creep the hell out of me where bunny shots make me melt ha! Raptors are definitely weird looking, I can say from experience a straight on shot of an American Bittern looking up is carnival freak show material. Happy belated Easter to you and your family as well.


    1. Thanks for the assurances Sam, always worry about that whenever I have to take a short break and this one is continuing far longer than I expected. Bunnies tend to be a nuisance at my house (taunt my dogs and apparently like their salads sprinkled with our expensive flowers), but these Jackrabbits make my heart melt. Guessing it might be a positional perspective… those at the Henderson Birding Site probably prefer the ones farther away as well ha! Hope you have a great Easter Sam!


    1. Probably not at the same levels as up in Canada, but winter is clawing its way back into spring (freezing temps last night, flurries day before) – glad to hear you have some bunnies braving the weather – probably a sign spring is near. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Susan and appreciate you dropping by.

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  1. Lovely photos of the jackrabbits, Brian. You captured the exquisite softness of their coats and highlighted the incredible ears too. I do so love jackrabbits, their curious big ears and their quirky jerky ways.

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    1. “Quirky jerky ways” – love that description. Like Mule Deer, there is just something about oversized ears that makes a creature inherently cuter. Enjoyed the pictures from your new place – that Acorn is near the top of my get list.

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