Happy Halloween Everyone!!

The official haunting day has finally come … or as we say around Intrigued.. The best day of the year! I am still processing all the images from this year’s Haunted Halloween Trail and hope to get the official posts out sometime next month as I am still exhausted from all the work it takes to put on that event ha. With this being the official day and all, thought I’d give you a sneak peek – especially for those on the wildlife side of Intrigued since those posts are usually not published here.

My friend in haunt, Paul Rybarczyk, did create another fantastic video which covers some of the sights and sounds from this year’s trail.

Grabbed a few of the images we took just to celebrate this special day. As mentioned above, the full walk through will be coming soon. Our resident witches were brewing up a tasty batch of toad stew for the night – it was a bit under spiced this year as they were unable to trap any children this year.

Hit the jump to see more… if you dare!

More dragons this year – the new one will be detailed in a prop post as it went through a major enhancement from the original store bought version before its debut (as we usually do for our purchased additions to the trail).

Hugz the Clown is a guest favorite every year … hmmmm, wonder where Spirit got their Hugz idea from!?!

Freddy was new this year – he got a hand upgrade in light of the pandemic.

Our woods is absolutely infested with zombies – nasty creatures with a thirst for our “brainy” guests… or was that Brians. The variety here happen to be super fast and all decked out in the latest running shoes.

….. and I’ll leave you with a quick video of our resident headless horseman.

Happy Halloween y’all – don’t let the ghouls catch ya’. Meanwhile, I have to go clear our woods from the latest batch of wandering zombies – “honey, where is the ax?”

20 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Everyone!!”

    1. Well, for starters we thin the forest by staking the puppies in the middle of the backyard and pick off zombies as they come to feed. When that gets boring we head out for a nice dinner and then cruise through all the houses with Halloween themes to get new ideas for next year’s trail. A couple of days ago we checked out this place:

      probably going back tonight as they are going with live music from a local theater group. I’ve been looking at those whole house projectors for a while now…and working on those fire breathing dragons for sure.

      Oh, and we do let the puppies come back into the house before we head out for dinner in case you were concerned.

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    1. You are quite welcome! There seems to be a drawing down of Halloween enthusiasm with the kids evident by the lack of trick or treaters at the various places we visited. A shame really, but from a commercial front, the big stores have been pushing Christmas so far forward that it is basically pushing my favorite holiday out the door. Hoping I am wrong and it is just a byproduct of the pandemic. With that said we still had a fun night. Thanks for dropping by!


    1. Thanks CJ! We ended up having to build an external 30×50 building to hold all of the Halloween stuff – fortunately there was room left over for the RV, my loader tractor and my workshop – if I keep building stuff we might have to build another home for the RV ha! Not sure what the Dutch think of Halloween, but hopefully lots of people got to see your pumpkins.

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      1. LMAO funny! At least you still have room for the RV, tractor (more important than a workshop in my opinion). Well, the Dutch are not really into the whole Halloween thing but it is gaining support due to American marketing of candy and of course Hollywood scary movies. I did enjoy seeing some casual curiosity seekers stopping at our small display. The shrieks from children stopped my office blogging work flow.😂🤣👻

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  1. Need to get going on the full post – it always feel like more work than putting the trail together itself ha. The enjoyment everyone gets out of it is worth the effort – our friends were elated just to get out, have some fun outdoors and forget about the pandemic for awhile. I also got to visit with a lot of people from work that I hadn’t seen or heard from since my retirement earlier in the year so the sweat that went into this year was rewarded with absolute enjoyment. Unless there are more dog shows planned that I am not aware of, I should get the behind the scenes posts out this month (fingers crossed). Appreciate you coming by Cheryl.

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    1. Storage is an issue for sure – I design and build most of my props and prime directive is always making them tear down to the smallest space I need. I need to get going on the trail post, but I am in the midst of processing my first day at Dauphin Island earlier in the year and that is taking FOREVER thanks to all the +1’s that day brought. Thanks for coming by Sam, appreciate it.


  2. Your displays certainly look more spooky at night that during the daytime shots. The little bit of wind in the trees and the spooky moon behind the random clouds added to the spookiness of being there. Sort of like a certain insurance company commercial with chainsaws hanging in a garage.

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    1. Definitely agree with you there, although it is definitely good for the younger ones to get her early so they can enjoy more of the trail. As you say, it can get a little scary in the depths of the night which amps up the trail to a different level. We are continually trying to pour more and more light into the haunt, but never seems enough to really compensate for the lack of ambient light that is unable to cut through the tree canopy. The rope lights and large red spot lights helped a lot on that front this year, but still looking into additional steps. Hmmm chainsaws – now you got me thinking for next year!


      1. I think the scariest of all would be seeing them all crammed into your storage “shed” and knowing they all have to be set up again next year? Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

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    1. It does take a lot work as the behind scenes prop building is pretty much in play 363 days a year – my den is basically a zombie infestation with animated limbs in various states of construction . Quite the conversation when we have service people that have to come into the house- I like to act like nothing at all and just watch their reaction when they enter one of my labs. Our guests seem to really enjoy it and that makes all effort with it. I can’t wait to see how big it goes now that I will have a full year of retirement to devote to it! Appreciate you coming by Lisa – note, my zombies are always moaning they want my brussels sprouts.

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