Yellow Firecracker

In the last post it was mentioned I was considering a cosmic shift in approach to Intrigued posts – in particular the wildlife side. Up to this point, I’ve tried to focus on a sequential path slowly moving from early outings to the more recent. That was working fine until the backlog started trending from weeks to days to months then years. Foreseeable for sure – we take a lot of trips and my shutter finger can match strokes with a Hummer’s wing. Here’s what I am thinking. Focus on the newer stuff for Sat-Tue posts and feature the older series from Wed-Friday. Maybe Flashback Fridays, Throwback Thursdays and WTF Bri, how about a bird at least from this decade Wednesdays (bit long, but you get my drift). As a test drive I have a bird to feature from just under 5 years ago, so Throwback Thursday it is!

Yellow-Breasted Chat found at Rend lake, IL in July 2016

We took a quick trip down to Rend Lake back in July 2016. Decided to enjoy the fireworks from a different location that year and their motto was “Where the Fun Begins!” (yes, complete with exclamation mark). A mere 4 hours away from the start of all joy with an exclamation mark… pack up the RV. Birding opportunities seemed good as the lake is only an hour or so from Shawnee National Forest. Escape, relaxation, fireworks and birds – all words I like to see on a trip agenda.

Yellow-Breasted Chat found at Rend lake, IL in July 2016

Hit the jump to see more shots of our winged firecracker.

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