The Land Inhabitants at the Chain O’ Lakes

And we are back with another bird post!  hehehe I’ll assume that collective groan heard across the expanse of the Internet was a cry for submission.  Since I’m all about that bas[s]e ’bout that bas[s]e… as in fan base I’ll relent and give you a break from the feathers.  What to do, what to do.  Oh, how about one of these.

Deer at Chain O' Lakes State Park

If you recall, the last time I brought you these common Midwest creatures we were up in the Porcupine Mountains (link here).  We are a long ways from there and a lot closer to home with this set of White Tailed Deer.   The hoofed ones you see here were taken while up at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park up in Spring Grove IL.  You would think with a name like that the topic of choice would be …. fish.  Truth be told, I’ve never been fishing there.  I did see one flop out of the water once but didn’t think that would be exciting enough to cover a whole post.

Deer at Chain O' Lakes State Park

Hit the jump to see a few more pictures of the White Tailed Deer!

From a park perspective, I’m coming close to calling this my second favorite based on the number of times we’ve had the chance to spend time there and it never disappoints on the wildlife front (Jubilee State Park is still tops on my list).  The draw to the area is an agility dog show, but Linda always bribes me with a visit to the park.   Well, that and a stop over at Anderson’s Candy Shop in Richmond IL.  If you like chocolate and never been to Anderson’s you need to fill that void in your sweet tooth IMMEDIATELY.  Getting a hankering for some dark chocolate covered marshmallow even as I type about it.  Sorry, strayed off topic.  Back to those bittersweet beasts.

Deer at Chain O' Lakes State Park

Ever since I’ve had a means to take photographs the White Tail Deer has always been a favorite target.  They tend to be fairly tame and tolerant of people in their vicinity as long as it isn’t hunting season.  They do maintain a keen awareness of their surroundings which you can actually use to  your advantage.  Inevitably, they will notice your glass pointed at them and take a serious gander your way.  Ears up, tail down, body rigid.  As long as you stay perfectly still with the exception of your shutter finger, they’ll stay perfectly posed until they determine you are not a threat (or more accurately unable to discern you from the rest of the stationary objects in their vision), and continue on their way.

Deer at Chain O' Lakes State Park

Nothing to see here, just a tree with a goofy black branch that happens to be pointed at you.  Per the bittersweet comment earlier.  Most of the time I’m extremely tolerant of them as they pass through  the woods feasting on the acorns and whatever wild flowers they come upon.  Non aggressive animals just going about their business.  I understand controlled hunting and although I do not shoot animals myself (with the exception of coyotes if they come a prowling for our little ones), hunting for food doesn’t bother me.

Deer at Chain O' Lakes State Park

The bitter aspect comes when these creatures decide that after all those acorns and berries they want a dessert and head on over to our landscaping.  Ask Linda sometime how the 100 bulbs we planted turned out at our other house – one day blooms.. next day 100 stalks.  They have all the woods they’ll ever need and they still feel obligated to attack our small amount of landscaping!  Besides, they look so much more at home IN the woods don’t they?

Deer at Chain O' Lakes State Park

Eventually after what seemed like hours, they got wind of me and figured out I wasn’t a tree.   That typically results in a flight response from these animals which translates to tail up and springs engaged.  Jordan has nothing on deer.  You think we would have harassed their mechanics by now and somehow adapted this ability to our two little legs .. boing boing boing

Deer at Chain O' Lakes State Park

like that doe, I’m out of here.  See you again soon and stay safe – freezing rain heading into these parts at midnight.

4 thoughts on “The Land Inhabitants at the Chain O’ Lakes”

  1. I would much prefer to see a bounty placed on deer – raise the limits as to the number that can be taken etc. In addition to decimating your landscaping, they tend to crash into (or at least scare the crap out of) motorcyclists, cars etc. Here’s a nice table of the odds of you creaming one of the critters in your car. IIRC, you have done it more than once.

    Click to access 7292852-2014-deer-statistics-table.pdf


  2. Hey, at least Illinois is not dead last on that list so we can hang our hat on that!. Like I tell my wife – if you driving in the country and don’t expect one to come out at every corner – you are taking a serious risk – this goes for Owls and apparently Geese as well based on the automobile kill numbers people I know are putting up.


  3. That last shot of the deer bounding is amazing! Looks like one of Santa’s reindeer! Surprised you don’t have one of your signature “look over their shoulder at you” shots of these deer.



  4. Struck out on that pose this time – they pretty much refused to let me get around back of them – something about a large black cylinder thingy pointed directly at them in the middle of hunting season seemed to have their guard up a little more than usual!


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