If He Hollers Make Him Pay

While I sit here and do battle with what we’ll simply refer to as the Plague of Peoria, it seemed like a good time to whip out another post.  This could be a sad time or joyful moment depending on your feelings towards the Indy Zoo mammals that have been bombarding you as of late.  If you can’t get enough of them and sit there continually refreshing your browser until the next post arrives.. you are going to be on the disappointment side because this is the last of the mammal shots – well technically not the last because there is one more but that will be a little bit different than these.  Now if you are sick and tired of these and are looking for the Hank William’s Jr. concert post well, you can start dancing now (how about an endurance test – you stop dancing when the HW Jr. post is actually made hehehe).

There are a lot of similarities in this post to the last one.  First off it is again about the big cat family.  Secondly, it contains a head to head competition with a certain someone else.  That certain someone else is in a bit of a pickle at the moment due to having difficulty navigating around the house with that giant ego inflation she received in the last set of comments.  Unlike the last post, I am going to make it more objective – not going to tell you who shot the pictures – you pick your favorite one or two and we’ll let the chips fall where they may.  In the meantime I’m interviewing for new brothers just in case.

If you didn’t get the topic from the title, how about now..

Yes folks, we are talking about the cute but oh so deadly Tiger.  This is one of the sets of shots that need some background to get the feel for the difficulty involved.  This specific enclosure has a visitor viewing area that consists of thick glass – possibly plexiglass – hard to tell at the time, but clearly difficult conditions when you are trying to get enough light through and not produce the shadow images as it passes through the glass.   Linda did impress me with being able to pull this off having only recently been taught by yours truly how to shoot on Manual mode (she doesn’t bring that up much does she?!).  She’s like my little Padawan.

As mentioned before, it was good and hot out and this particular specimen was doing its best to remain cool.  This must be serious business when it comes to cats because this one seemed to be only thinking ONE thing – what would it take to make it through that glass and snack on these idiots with their cameras. It is possible that the Tiger coloring just makes it appear pissed but Tony the Tiger doesn’t look that threatening.

Hit the jump to read more about these bad-ass killers

Quick quiz.  Who is the baddest cat in the jungle?  If you said the Lion like I did then according to my research, you my friend are wrong.  Is this ANOTHER deception from my childhood education?  Since the day I learned about the lion it was always referred to as “King of the Jungle”.  By my definition King means the big enchilada, the uber-predator of the jungle or bow down before me and beg I take you to Misfit Island.  But NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO (in my best Belushi imitation).  Turns out the tiger is the largest of the cat species.  Tiggers can tip the 650lb mark where puny lions are somewhere in the 550lb range.  I swear I deserve a rebate in some form from my early education years.  Add on to that my belief that cats hate water…

I can see in his face the complete distaste for the water .. not.   As with the Cheetahs, the markings on Tigers are like fingerprints – unique per cat.  Thanks to our friends over at Wikipedia I am now the proud owner of the information tidbit that these markings are actually in their skin – shave them and they retain the marking.  Unfortunately, I cannot tell if you this is the same with Cheetahs.  Oh, and you can tell the females from the males by their forepaws – males are larger.  So that means this specimen is a umm a ummm – crap.

If you are wondering White Tigers are not albino tigers.  They are simply colored white and a result of rare gene and unlike the yellow iris of standard tigers, they have blue.  Apparently trying to breed White Tigers is fraught with problems due to inbreeding defects.  So those cool Tigers you keep fawning over at the Mirage… probably have like 9 toes a paw.

Speaking of toes, I need to address something about my title.  I actually had NO idea that this little rhyme can have racist connotations.  When I was a youngster this was the stupid mechanism to count out an individual among a group.  Clearly a gimmick against the stupid because any smart counter can manipulate the syllables to pick whoever they wanted.  According to Wikipedia (yes, they even have entry on this rhyme) there are multiple variations of the rhyme.  My time and region used the If He Hollers Make Him Pay 50 Dollars Every Day version.  Which when you think about is dumb – Tigers don’t have any pockets!

What I was not prepared for was the more racist versions of this rhyme that are also detailed in the Wikipedia entry.  Versions that appear to have originated in the Americas in the 1888s – some 50+ years from the emergence of the first versions.  I am not bringing that up to dignify it, rather to point out the fact this actually resulted in a lawsuit against Southwest Airlines when a steward used a variation (without the racist portion) as a cute encouragement for people to take their seats.  Apparently someone claimed emotional distress – the lawsuit was settled in Southwest’s favor (and appeals denied) – strangely enough I don’t recall any lawsuits against the latest Tarantino effort.

We’ve come to the end – so what do you think of the shots?  We’re they  all Grrrrrrrrrtttt! or just the ones I took hehehe.  Make your preferences known and I’ll edit the comments ummm I mean we’ll see what everyone has to say.  Hope you enjoyed this beautiful creature whose currently fighting for their species survival – they are listed on the conservation scale as Endangered (only 3-4 thousand left in the wild).  Maybe that is why this one looks so defiant – remorse of the struggle being raged by his brothers in the wild.

7 thoughts on “If He Hollers Make Him Pay”

  1. All beautiful pictures!! OK, here are my scores (out of 10) for the seven pictures, in order from the top of the page:

    1: 8.25
    2: 9 — tie for second best
    3: 8.95
    4: 10 — tie for best
    5: 8.5
    6: 10 — tie for best
    7: 9 — tie for second best



  2. BTW, when I was a kid we always said “catch a monkey by its tail” and never “catch a tiger by its tail” that I only heard later. And as you, I only learned about the awful variation of this rhyme when I was older, and we would never, ever have said it that way even if we knew it as kids.



  3. Monkey? eeeesh – no way am I going there and it’s by the TOE – every see how pissed off a tiger gets when you grab its tail – that will get you eaten – stick with the TOE. I personally always thought it was ironic that there’s a nursery rhyme, Aesop or something like that where the dude pulls the splinter out of the lions paw. Seems like people are just getting WAAAAAY to cozy with these predators!

    I’ll give a few more days on the reveal in case you might be second guessing your picks (hint, hint, hint). Especially with that 9 on the last one – take a look at that again.. closer…


  4. Okay, the voting is officially over! I would like to say for the record that as with the last fair contest, it was another close decision. Linda and I actually tied for first and second places taking one a piece. Since both of those were completely even, we have to drop down to the third place ribbons which is customary for our competition. Let’s see.. I have one third coming in at the 8.95 mark and Linda has no thirds!!!! Phew, that was pretty close, but I pulled it out. Interesting enough I actually had the first one as my favorite, but based on the scores re-evaluated them and now I actually like the 2nd one the best (followed by the 5th). The 4th one actually rated better than the 5th, but I think (as Linda pointed out as well) it is because I cropped the scene a little tighter so it looks a little closer. In the 4th, the left eye reflection elongated in the ripple so I went ahead and worked up the 5th one because it had a cleaner reflection. If it was cropped tighter I think it would have rated higher than the 4th one – what is your thought? I can’t believe the last one did so well. Take a closer look …. especially at the reflection. Something very fishy going on there – the eyes look more open than they should, and for some reason the reflection has its tongue out – Something is odd here – not to mention the ripple in the water showing a wavy edge of the rock but the tiger reflection is nice and crisp. I think we should deduct at least a point on suspicion alone! .. which of course just increases my LEAD!

    Thanks for taking the time to vote and maybe we’ll get some “explanation” as to what appears to be some photo tampering….


  5. Amazing, a tie—what are the odds of that? I gather from your comments that #6 is Linda’s (because it tied with #4 which you claimed as yours) and also #7 (since you questioned it). So how many of these photographs were Linda’s? Did she have just these two, which means she couldn’t get a third place? I don’t know if you are aware of it, but your wording is a tad ambiguous on that point, and you may want to clear that up.

    I noticed the tighter cropping in #4 of essentially the same picture as #5 and I liked the crop, plus I liked that the eyes were not affected by rippling in #4. To me, with some study #5 can also have the strange effect of someone just stretching the tiger’s face downward, given its more accurate reflection and rectangular outline of the head above and below the water. #5 is really nice, I just liked #4 more. #6 really grew on me with its gorgeous texture and rich, warm color (which as you know is something I like). I’m not concerned with the last photograph, as ripply water does ripply things to reflections, and the angle of the reflection will reveal details not discernible from heads-on (like the sliver of a tongue).

    Well, that was fun. I guess that will be it for the blind judging and from now on you’ll let us know who took which pictures. Often works can only be judged in the context of the artist’s ouevre.



  6. Good lord, now you are using words I actually have to look up – not fair. Does it really matter how many are Linda’s and how many were mine? As a mathematician I would hope you could appreciate that numbers don’t like and I had more of them than Linda.

    We’ll have to see if there will be head to head stuff here in the future. There seems to be a conspiracy abound and that is just fueling the fire.


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